South of Val-d’Or, a small caribou population is in imminent danger of extinction.
According to Chief Adrienne Jérôme of the Anishnabe community of Lac Simon, “for millennia, the Algonquins have been able to survive thanks to the caribou. Today, we are indebted to this animal and it is out of the question to let it disappear”.

Find out about the situation

Find out about the situation

“The current erosion of biodiversity is happening at a frightening rate. We are talking about several million individuals dying in a multitude of species around the globe over the last few years, the last few decades, and in almost all cases there are close links with human activity on the planet.”

– Martin-Hugues St-Laurent –

In association with Long Point and Kitcisakik, the First Nation of Lac Simon wants to ensure that the territory is once again conducive to maintaining a viable population of woodland caribou south of Val-d’Or by putting in place the most appropriate measures, based on a mix of ancestral traditional knowledge and the most up-to-date scientific knowledge.



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