A new member has been added to the Val-d’Or herd.


The Val-d’Or caribou herd now has a new member.

Last week, a calf was born in the pen where six animals are located.

The new arrival was born from a mating within the same herd.

The Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks, Pierre Dufour, confirmed the news of the birth and was pleased with the result of his administration’s actions.

Sometimes, it is also a bit of animal welfare, it is to find the best method to protect the animal. We’re talking about a habitat that is pretty much wiped out in this area, so it’s interesting to mention that there’s a new fawn,” says the minister.

It shows that if we work with a certain premise in sectors that are impacted, if we work with enclosures, I think we will find a certain ability to increase a herd, he adds.

In March 2020, the herd then composed of 7 animals was placed in the pen by the department, which spoke of an exceptional measure to save the herd.

Last July, a caribou died of an unknown cause.

The Minister also promises announcements concerning the caribou at the end of June.